Drug Crimes

Drug Lawyer Winston Salem NC

It appears that sometime in the near future, marijuana will be legalized in North Carolina. However, as of today, it is still illegal to possess in any form. Drug crimes can vary in degree from misdemeanor possession of marijuana all the way up to felony trafficking charges. Whether you are being investigated for or are facing an arrest for possessing marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or even someone else’s prescription meds, do not wait to start protecting your rights. Call Graystar Legal at 336-652-5163 to learn more.

Drug Charges Typically Invoke Search And Seizure Law

Search and seizure law is invoked because drug arrests are usually made via traffic stops or search warrants of homes or other property. This area of the law can get rather complicated and is always contingent upon the facts of your particular case. At the more serious end of the spectrum, trafficking charges carry mandatory minimum prison sentences depending on what drug was possessed and how much of that particular drug was possessed. These are very serious cases that can carry substantial jail time.

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If you or a loved one was arrested or faces drug crime charges — from drug possession to drug trafficking — it is important to act fast and seek protection. In Winston Salem or surrounding communities in Forsyth County and throughout North Carolina, Graystar Legal is prepared to provide the strong, effective defense you need. Schedule a consultation by calling us at 336-652-5163 or by emailing the firm.