Felony Crimes

Felony Attorney Winston Salem NC

Felony crimes are any crime for which you can receive more than a year in prison. From assault, robbery, manslaughter to homicide, the label of “felon” carries a stigma in society. This label will literally alter your rights as an American citizen. Being a felon will affect your ability to vote in elections, hold a position of office, possess firearms and ammunition, and likely affect your ability to find or keep employment.

Felony Crimes Are The Most Serious Crimes In Our Judicial System

Depending on the what type of crime charges you are facing, you can be looking at a maximum sentence of life in prison and in certain circumstances death. If you have been charged with a felony, please reach out to us. For the last six years of my law career, I’ve exclusively handled felony cases. We have the knowledge and experience to help you through this process. However, even if it turns out we are not a good fit for your representation, we will gladly make suggestions on how you should proceed. Do not handle a felony case without the assistance of counsel.

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