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License Restoration

Having the ability to drive a vehicle legally is one of the most important privileges we have as citizens. It becomes very difficult to work a full-time job outside of the home without a valid driver’s license. If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate position of having your license suspended or revoked, first and foremost, stop driving. You only compound the issue with subsequent moving violations while your license is currently suspended.

Do Not Randomly Start Paying Off Your Old Traffic Tickets

While is it may seem like the right thing to do, don’t just randomly pay off old tickets. Again, you may think you’re solving the problem, but the manner in which those pending cases are handled can affect the length of time your license will be suspended or revoked. It’s a good idea to call the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see what information you can gather. At the very least, order a copy of your driving history to see what’s the cause of your suspension/revocation. Next contact an attorney. At Graystar Legal, license restoration is one of our areas of specialty. We understand how important a license is in today’s world and have a number of tools we can use to help restore yours.

Contact Us For Help Restoring Your Driver’s License

If you or a loved one is struggling with a license revocation or suspension, it is crucial that you act quickly. Traffic offenses can multiply swiftly and lead to serious consequences. Graystar Legal is prepared to explore your driving history to determine the source of your troubles and act on your behalf to correct them. Call us at 336-652-5163 or email our office in Winston Salem to put a strong defender on your side. We serve clients throughout North Carolina.